Tilray Stock

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The merger of APHA and TLRY is imminent, should you buy it right now?
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Why Tilray (TLRY) Stock Rise Today?

Aphria said today its shareholders have voted overwhelmingly in favor of its proposed merger with rival Tilray.
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Buy Aphria if You Believe in Its Tie-up With Tilray

Tilray and Aphria shareholders vote on their merger in mid-April. If you believe it will be yes vote, do you buy TLRY stock or APHA?
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3 Reasons Why the Aphria Tilray Merger Will Be a Winner

The upcoming merger will greatly expand the distribution footprint but also allow for significant cost savings for APHA stock.
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The combination of Aphria and Tilray will create the world's largest global cannabis company.
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New York could be very close to legalizing recreational marijuana.
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The companies are one step closer to a merger.
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Their upcoming merger is exciting, but it may not solve some existing issues.
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Its shares are up by more than 300% since early November.
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The cannabis producer is entering a new market.
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Tilray Could Have Much More Downside on the Horizon

Investors in TLRY stock have been on a very turbulant ride of late, and it's likely that this volatility will continue for some time.
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It's not the worst idea to invest in the world's largest marijuana grower by revenue.
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If You Like the Tilray Merger, Don't Buy Tilray Stock

The merger between Tilray and Aphria should drive higher revenue and better margins. But it's APHA, not TLRY stock, that makes more sense.
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Investors are salivating at the prospect of greater market access over the next few quarters.
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Play a Game of 'Pot Monopoly' with Tilray Stock

After the merger with Aphria is finalized, TLRY stock holders will own a small piece of the biggest cannabis company on the planet.
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Tilray Is Gathering Momentum for a Profitable 2021

TLRY stock is already having an amazing 2021, but it's only the beginning. The Tilray-Aphria merger should close in the second quarter.
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TLRY: Should You Buy Tilray After Earnings? | StockNews.com

Tilray Inc. Cl 2(Nasdaq:TLRY): While the cannabis sector looked red hot at the beginning of the year, there has been a noticeable dropoff over the past couple of weeks. This is especially true with Canadian producer Tilray (TLRY). The stock missed analyst estimates again last week. Should you buy on the dip? Read more to find out.
stocknews.com - February 22, 2021

Tilray Will Be the Largest Cannabis Company Once It Merges With Aphria

After achieving EBITDA positivity and with an upcoming merger with Aphria, Tilray is poised to do well in the coming year.
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Analysts say the marijuana producer's shares may have come too far, too fast.
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Don't Get Too Excited About Tilray Stock

Despite its epic pop and subsequent drop, the story of pot play TLRY stock hasn't changed much, so don't buy the shares for now.
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Tilray (TLRY) stock is down over 50 percent from the peak. Will the stock rise or fall more before the merger with Aphria (APHA)?
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Canadian cannabis stocks have surged in 2021 and a few of them have exhibited irrational exuberance such as Tilray and Sundial.
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