IZEA Stock

IZEA Stock: IZEA Worldwide Stock Rose After Its Managed Services bookings Hits All-Time Record

IZEA said yesterday it has set a Managed Services bookings record for the best Q1 in company history.
www.investreader.com - April 06, 2021

Buy the IZEA Stock Dip With Both Hands for 10X Gains

Despite the plunge in IZEA stock, the company is on track to increase first quarter bookings by more than 100%.
investorplace.com - February 23, 2021

The Case for IZEA Stock Is Undermined by Competition, Lack of Growth

IZEA stock is a sell now, but the shares could be worth buying down the road if the company delivers opportunity for revenue growth.
investorplace.com - February 16, 2021

Watch Out Below for IZEA Stock Despite the Company's Growth

Watch out below for IZEA stock despite its growth. IZEA stock is still too high at 8.5 to 10.6 times revenue, despite higher growth prospects.
investorplace.com - February 09, 2021