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How To Value Nio (NIO) Stock After Released First Quarter 2021 Financial Results?

Nio (NYSE: NIO) stock fell by 5% Thursday, despite the company said it has achieved an increase of 422.7% and 481.8% YoY in vehicle deliveries and total revenue for the first quarter of 2021, respectively, still unprofitable. - April 29, 2021

Is NIO (NIO) Stock Worth To Buy?

I am bullish on the stock in short term, at least 2-3 years. - April 14, 2021

NIO Stock: 4 Big Reasons Hard-Hit Nio Is Rebounding Today

Investors in NIO stock have booked paper gains of 5% today as sentiment in the EV sector turns broadly bullish on some key catalysts. - March 30, 2021

Long-Term Investors Shouldn't Worry About Nio's Tumble

A global shortage of semiconductors is weighing heavily on Nio stock. But the EV company should recover swiftly to boost shares once again. - March 29, 2021

Why Nio Stock Has Continued to Fall Recently?

Why is this electric vehicle company suddenly not favored by investors? - March 26, 2021

NIO Electric Vehicle Production Hit by Semiconductor Shortage | The Motley Fool

The Chinese EV start-up expects to lose up to 1,000 vehicle deliveries. - March 26, 2021

NIO Stock: Production Halt Sends EV Maker Nio Reeling Today

Nio (NIO) stock is taking a beating on Friday after the EV manufacturer announced plans to halt production due to supply constraints. - March 26, 2021

NIO Stock: Can Battery News Turn Hard-Hit Nio Around Today?

While trade talks between the U.S. and China get hot, Chinese companies like Nio are taking the hit. Can NIO stock rebound? - March 25, 2021

NIO Stock: Here's Why Volatile Nio Is Stumbling Again Today

Investors in NIO stock have seen yet another downside move today as sentiment for this stock has turned bearish. - March 24, 2021

Still Ahead of Its Fundamentals, Nio Stock Could Trend Lower

As investors reassess valuations for hot EV plays like NIO stock, it's best to stay away from the company's shares for the time being. - March 24, 2021

Why and How NIO Stock Is a Certain Buy Today

It happens to the best growth stories and like clockwork, a year later NIO stock is offering tomorrow's investors a gift right now. - March 24, 2021

NIO Stock: The Big Battery News Nio Fans Should Watch Today

An agreement between electric vehicle manufacture Nio and the Chinese government could bring gains to the stock in the near future. - March 22, 2021

Nio Must Continue to Manage Elevated Expectations

The more Nio accomplishes, the more investors expect. But for NIO stock to reach bulls' lofty projections, $60 must be the floor. - March 19, 2021

NIO Stock: Nio Just Got a Big Boost From Tesla's China Blow

NIO stock is climbing today after the Chinese government imposed restrictions on the purchase of Tesla vehicles by Chinese individuals. - March 19, 2021

Long-Term Investors Should Buy a Small Amount of Nio Stock on Weakness

BlackBerry is much more attractive than Nio stock for long-term investors. I recommend buying a small amount of Nio and a large amount of BB. - March 17, 2021

NIO Stock: Reddit Chatter Fuels U.S. Expansion Speculation for Nio

NIO stock has done incredibly well for long-term growth investors in the EV space, and specualtion of U.S. expansion is bullish. - March 15, 2021

NIO Stock: Is Nio Ready to Revisit the $60s?

Nio just bounced off its March low of $31.91 to recover almost all the month’s losses. Is NIO stock ready to revisit the $60s? - March 15, 2021

Better Buy: NIO vs. XPeng Motors | The Motley Fool

The Chinese electric-vehicle makers both have rich valuations, even after a downturn in share prices. - March 14, 2021

Nio Seems Awfully Risky When Considering the Bigger Picture

NIO stock recently bounced back from its trek of wild volatility, but that shouldn’t convince you to take a heavy long position. - March 12, 2021

Nio Stock Looks as If It Is Going to Stay Volatile for a While

The company is impressive – but the valuation needs more re-alignment. Stay clear of Nio stock until it finds a little bit of stasis. - March 12, 2021

Even With the EV Sector Rebound, Nio Stock Could Head Lower

After declining for weeks, it was inevitable that NIO stock would see a "dead cat bounce." However, the sell-off may not be over yet. - March 11, 2021

Why NIO Stock Is Higher Today | The Motley Fool

A positive note from Wall Street is giving shares a boost. - March 11, 2021

Why NIO Stock Is Higher Today | The Motley Fool

News on interest rates has investors jumping back in. - March 09, 2021

Report: Electric Vehicle Peers NIO, Xpeng, and Li Auto Considering Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing | The Motley Fool

It's not clear how much capital they're seeking to raise, though. - March 09, 2021

CCIV SPAC Stock Is in a Free Fall, Blame It on TSLA and NIO

EV stocks are in a free fall. What’s the forecast for CCIV SPAC stock before it merges with Lucid Motors? Will CCIV rise or fall more? - March 09, 2021

Chinese EV Stocks: 2 Big Reasons LI, XPEV and NIO Are Driving Higher

EV stocks like LI stock, XPEV stock and NIO stock are on the move Tuesday as investors eye news of dual listings and promising car sales. - March 09, 2021

After Earnings, the Battle Over Nio Stock Is All About Valuation

Barely a year ago, Nio was delaying payroll. With the company on better footing, the focus returns to what NIO stock is actually worth. - March 08, 2021

Why NIO, XPeng, and Li Auto Stocks Are Down Today | The Motley Fool

It's not all about Tesla, but it's not not about Tesla either. - March 05, 2021

Why NIO Stock Recently Has Continued Falling

Share of Chinese electric-vehicle maker NIO recently has continued falling, what happened. - March 05, 2021

Why NIO Stock Is Down Today | The Motley Fool

This share price decline is about more than the electric vehicle maker's recent earnings miss. - March 04, 2021