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Should You Buy Square (SQ) Stock After Announcing A Quarterly Net Revenue of 266% YoY?

Square (NYSE: SQ) stock, a digital payment company, was up by only 1% so far this year, despite the company reported a net revenue of 266% year-over-year for its first quarter of 2021.
www.investreader.com - May 07, 2021

Why Square (SQ) Stock Worth To Buy?

Business owners and consumers once again realize the advantages of digital payment and this shift will benefit Square in the long term.
www.investreader.com - April 19, 2021

SQ Stock: Will Square Stock Hit Record High In April?

Square released a news yesterday that it will launch an Early Access Programme in Ireland.
www.investreader.com - April 09, 2021

PSTH Stock: The SPAC Merger News That Has Pershing Square Falling Today

Bill Ackman's SPAC announced that it won't yet reveal the details around a merger. PSTH stock is falling as investors become impatient.
investorplace.com - March 29, 2021

PSTH Stock: Looking at the Big Picture with Pershing Square Tontine

PSTH stock is a SPAC that has investors betting a lot on the management. But there are other risks to consider here, too.
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Why Twitter, Not Square, Should Have Bought Tidal | The Motley Fool

Jack Dorsey should have steered the struggling streaming music service toward his social network instead of his fintech platform.
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Why Zoom, Square, DocuSign and Other Coronavirus Stocks Crashed Today | The Motley Fool

Investors are selling these previously high-performing growth stocks. But perhaps they should be buying.
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Square's Buyout of Jay-Z's Tidal Is an Alarming Bull Call

Square's acquisition of Tidal underscores that Square remains relentlessly innovative, so buy the near-term dip in SQ stock.
investorplace.com - March 08, 2021

Why Square, Roku, Teladoc, and Shopify All Dropped on Friday | The Motley Fool

The market has crushed growth stocks today.
www.fool.com - March 05, 2021

A Look Into the Bizarre Backstory of Pershing Square Tontine Holdings

PSTH stock, which represents a blank-check company founded by billionaire investor Bill Ackman, remains shrouded in some amusing mystery.
investorplace.com - March 05, 2021

Why Square Stock Fell Today | The Motley Fool

Investors weren't happy with Square's recent acquisition.
www.fool.com - March 04, 2021

Cryptocurrency Gains Mask Square's Slowing Growth | The Motley Fool

A lot of moving parts complicated the proceedings, and Wall Street hates uncertainty.
www.fool.com - March 04, 2021

Square's New Most Important Product | The Motley Fool

The fintech company is finding all sorts of ways to leverage one Cash App feature in particular.
www.fool.com - March 04, 2021

Square Just Opened a Bank -- What Does this Mean for its Stock? | The Motley Fool

Officially named Square Financial Services, the fintech company will make small loans to small businesses -- exactly who Square already targets.
www.fool.com - March 04, 2021

Why Square Stock Is Giving Away Gains From Yesterday | The Motley Fool

The company recently launched its own bank and added a big chunk of Bitcoin onto its balance sheet.
www.fool.com - March 03, 2021

Square's $170 Million Bitcoin Bet Isn't a Big Deal | The Motley Fool

The fintech company still loves bitcoin, but it's mainly using the cryptocurrency to expand its ecosystem rather than boost its profits.
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Can Square Be a Great Growth Stock? | The Motley Fool

A mixed earnings report and tech sell-off made for an interesting week for Square.
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Is It Time to Buy Square and Lowe's Stock After Earnings? | The Motley Fool

The Fools discuss the war on cash, signs of "The Great Reopening," and more.
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Based on Bill Ackman's Tweets, Pershing Square Tontine Could Be Ready to Move

Bill Ackman is known for making deals and promoting businesses. His flair as a pitchman might be enough to send the PSTH stock price higher.
investorplace.com - March 02, 2021

It's Official: Square Now Has Its Own Bank | The Motley Fool

Its banking charter approval is finalized and the company's banking subsidiary is up and running.
www.fool.com - March 02, 2021

PSTH Stock: Is Elon Musk Tweet a SPAC Sign for Pershing Square?

Did Elon Musk just nudge PSTH stock? Here's what you should know about Pershing Square as SPAC rumors swirl today.
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Square's Newest Cash App Users Are Extremely Profitable | The Motley Fool

The company is looking to win over even more users in 2021.
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Better Buy: Square Stock or Every Nasdaq Stock? | The Motley Fool

Consider your growth objectives, risk tolerance, and existing investments before choosing between Square and the Nasdaq for your stock portfolio.
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Bitcoin, Cash App, and E-Commerce Were the Big Highlights From Square's Year-End Report | The Motley Fool

This fintech giant is juggling a lot of moving parts.
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2 Reasons Square's Results Are Better Than You Think | The Motley Fool

The company could see some huge tailwinds later in 2021.
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Pershing Square Tontine Has the Two Big SPAC Problems

At $29 and without a merger target, PSTH stock is now pricing in an incredible amount of deal value. It's unlikely to find that value.
investorplace.com - February 26, 2021

Does Square Belong in Your Portfolio? | The Motley Fool

It's a play on the reopening economy, it's a fintech firm, it's Square!
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Buy the Dip in Square Stock as Its Bull Case Remains Intact

Square's innovation won't be stopped by earnings noise. SQ stock is still one of the most relentlessly innovative companies of our time.
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Is it Time to Sell Square Stock? | The Motley Fool

Square recently reported earnings. Here's why I'm not impressed.
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Why Square Stock Dropped Today | The Motley Fool

The fintech pioneer is ramping up its exposure to Bitcoin.
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