Aphria Stock

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The merger of APHA and TLRY is imminent, should you buy it right now?
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Aphria Stock Still Has Potential For Patient Investors

Marijuana legalization won't happen as quickly as APHA stock investors had hoped. But all signs are pointing toward the eventuality.
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3 Reasons Why the Aphria Tilray Merger Will Be a Winner

The upcoming merger will greatly expand the distribution footprint but also allow for significant cost savings for APHA stock.
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Aphria Stock Isn't the Way to Play Marijuana Legalization

With its pending merger with Tilray limiting potential gains, APHA stock may not be the best vehicle for wagering on U.S. pot legalization.
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Here's How to Play a Smoked Aphria Stock

There's a lot of volatility in APHA stock, but a bull call spread in the cannabis play could be the right call for investors.
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The Canadian pot stock rose amid a Reddit-fueled rally and positive earnings results from Tilray, which will merge with Aphria next quarter.
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Pro-Pot Politicians and a Massive Merger Should Catalyze Aphria Stock

The decriminalization movement is picking up steam, and APHA stock holders will benefit from that along with a major business combination.
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Tilray Will Be the Largest Cannabis Company Once It Merges With Aphria

After achieving EBITDA positivity and with an upcoming merger with Aphria, Tilray is poised to do well in the coming year.
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Tilray and Aphria have seen 200% stock surges in just days from Reddit-style buying; The 'blue wave' will help cannabis companies as federal legalization will open up new markets internally.
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