CCIV Stock

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The electric vehicle market will also usher in new opportunities, but Lucid Motors has not yet delivered a single car yet. - April 07, 2021

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Investors need to remember that the stock's valuation is still huge even if CCIV completed the merger with Lucid Motors. - March 31, 2021

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Volatile CCIV stock slid as much as 6% today as investors process news about cheaper cars, dealership lawsuits and preorder demand. - March 29, 2021

Will Churchill Capital (CCIV) Stock Rebound Before A Merger With Lucid Motors?

I don’t think its stock price will fluctuate significantly before it merges with Lucid Motors. - March 24, 2021

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Churchill Capital Corp IV has had a wild ride this year. New information about merger negotiations with Lucid Motors has investors uncertain. - March 23, 2021

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A SPAC accounting quirk misprices CCIV stock over six times over. Here's why Lucid is worth $47 billion, and where it could go next. - March 19, 2021

Avoid Overpaying and Be Patient, Not Greedy, with CCIV Stock

With all of the EV hype, it may be tempting to jump into CCIV stock given its ties to Lucid Motors. But Lucid still has much to prove. - March 18, 2021

CCIV Stock: Can Lucid Motors Thrive as an Energy Storage Play?

CCIV stock is on the move to the downside today, however there appears to be room for optimism with this stock after recent reports. - March 18, 2021

CCIV Stock May Look Good in the Long Run, but It's Too Pricey Now

CCIV stock is attractive for the long-term, but valuations look expensive now. Strong top-line growth projections for the next few years. - March 18, 2021

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Off and on the CCIV stock price chart, the market conditions are setting up a better fast money trade that won't leave investors mad. - March 17, 2021

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Jim Cramer is a big fan of Lucid Motors and is welcoming its CEO onto his show tonight. Investors should be paying attention to CCIV stock. - March 17, 2021

Churchill Capital (CCIV) Rose 8.4% after Michael Klein to Raise $1.2B for New SPAC

Klein plans for ALCC to raise $1.0 billion by offering 100 million units at $10 each. - March 16, 2021

CCIV Stock: Shares Accelerate Ahead of Big Lucid Motors Interview

CCIV stock is moving Tuesday ahead of a "Mad Money" interview. The Lucid Motors SPAC merger continues to captivate investors. - March 16, 2021

CCIV Stock: The Lucid Motors EV News That Has Shares Soaring Today

Investors in SPAC CCIV stock are bullish today, amid risk-on sentiment in the market and little in the way of tangible news. - March 11, 2021

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CCIV Stock Is Still Too Expensive Despite Its Recent Pullback

Lucid is facing very steep competition. Meanwhile, the Street has become more skeptical about EV stocks. Investors should sell CCIV stock. - March 11, 2021

Be Careful With CCIV Stock, While the Lucid Deal's Still Pending

As EV stock valuations contract, but the potential of its SPAC deal remains fully priced in, tread carefully when it comes to CCIV stock. - March 10, 2021

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Churchill Capital Corp IV still hasn't found a bottom. But if you think it's close, then selling naked puts in CCIV stock is compelling. - March 09, 2021

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As CCIV Stock Tumbles Investors Won't Learn the SPAC Lesson

The real investor abuse of our time isn't Gamestop, but SPACs like CCIV stock bringing garbage like Lucid Motors to market. - March 09, 2021

CCIV Stock: Why Churchill Capital Shares Were Sliding Lower Today

Churchill Capital (CCIV) stock took a dive in morning trading on Thursday alongside much of the market on concerns of a crash. - March 04, 2021

CCIV Stock: What Is the Big Lucid Motors News Coming on March 17?

CCIV stock continues to move in a high volatility fashion, amid the company's upcoming product announcement of a "world first." - March 03, 2021

NIO Stock Is Tumbling, Bad News for CCIV and Lucid Motors

CCIV fell over 9 percent on March 2 amid broad-based selling in EV stocks. Is the SPAC a good buy after falling 58 percent from its highs? - March 03, 2021

After Investors Sold the News, Consider CCIV Stock a Buy

CCIV stock may have cratered upon confirmation of its merger with Lucid Motors, but shares look worth the risk at today's prices. - March 03, 2021

CCIV Stock: Churchill Capital Is a Pure Bet on the 1 Percenters

Buying CCIV stock now is a pure bet on future successes. The EV army is growing and Lucid Motors will be for the 1%'ers only. - March 01, 2021

CCIV Stock: One Lucid Merger Tweet Has Churchill Capital Moving Higher

Churchill Capital (CCIV) stock is soaring higher on Friday following a Tweet from Lucid Motors about the upcoming SPAC merger. - February 26, 2021

Bulls and Bears Alike Need to Be Patient With CCIV Stock

The recent selloff in CCIV stock is requiring both bulls and bears to have patience while finding their respective entry or exit points. - February 26, 2021

How CCIV Stock’s 50% Plunge Shows the Perils and Profits of SPAC Investing

CCIV stock plummeted by 50% on Tuesday, leaving many shell-shocked investors scrambling to explain their stunning losses. - February 25, 2021