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A news from Reuters that researchers said on Wednesday, an experiment which called Com-Cov study is underway in the UK, the trial was first launched in February. Its operation is that giving a first dose of one type of COVID-19 shot, and a second dose of another, then observing if it elicits an immune response that is as good as using two doses of the same vaccine. The trial currently is being expanded its vaccine candidate range, including Moderna's and Novavax's COVID-19 vaccines.

The purpose of this study seems to be to explore whether the multiple COVID-19 vaccines that are available can be used more flexibly. The original mixing trial only uses AstraZeneca and Pfizer, the results of this study are expected to obtain in April or May and the results of the second phase should come in July. 

In fact, Britain and many other countries in Europe are currently using AstraZeneca's and Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccines. If this study shows the multiple COVID-19 vaccines that can be mixed used and without any adverse reactions, that will potentially allow more people to complete their COVID-19 immunisation course more rapidly. Of course, that will also give more COVID-19 vaccines the opportunity to enter the European market.

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