For cruise lines in the United States, the future is still dim.

On Tuesday, the stocks of cruise lines were all down, including Carnival was down by 4.35%, Cruise Line Holdings was down by 4.36% and Royal Caribbean Cruises was down by 3.23%. So, What's going on?

It is reported that the Conditional Sailing Order may be extended again due to the public health emergency being extended, this will be frustrating for investors in the cruise lines industry.

The Conditional Sail Order is only in effect as long as the United States is under a public health emergency. The public health emergency, which has been extended again for an additional 90 days, now runs until mid-July. There has been extended four times before this. Investors are optimistic about accelerating the launch of vaccines and believe that this will end this public health emergency as soon as possible, but it seems to be frustrated now. The order seems to imply that the hope of the cruise lines industry to resume sailing in early July may be delayed again.

For now, cruise lines companies seem to have to comply with the policies, and agreements that the CDC has established for them. However, calls for the agency to let cruises resume have been growing louder and louder from all sides. Perhaps the increasing pressure from cruise lines and politicians may led to the CDC to cancel Conditional Sailing Order as soon as possible, but for investors, can only wait.

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