Creatd, Inc. (NASDAQ:CRTD)

Last week we discussed Creatd in another article as somewhat of a confused Trump stock to watch. The company specializes in social media marketing and digital content creation. It’s also the parent company to several other businesses, including Vocal and OG Gallery. Vocal is the platform for online creators, while OG is focused on the emerging NFT space – on-fungible tokens.

Last week we thought Creatd may have been more of a knee-jerk reaction thanks to some keyword placement. There was a period when the company and Mike Lindell – the MyPillow Guy – made headlines after Lindell planned to launch his own social media network, Vocl. Lawyers for Creatd’s Vocal warned Lindell, in a letter reviewed by The Daily Beast, to change his social media network’s name and surrender ownership of the domain name.

But this week, there’s a bit more optimism in the air with direct ties to the former President. Creatd announced its latest NFT drop, “The Trump Photographs,” which depicts a young Trump and was acquired from creditors of Bob Guccione, former CEO of General Media. This media company was behind magazines like Penthouse and OMNI, to name a few, and this NFT is going for a whopping 240 ETH. If you’re unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, 1 ETH is roughly $4,100 USD.

GreenPro Capital Corp. (NASDAQ:GRNQ)

Thanks to the hype from CRTD stock news, it isn’t unusual that NFT penny stocks are also coming into focus in the stock market today. GreenPro Capital is one of the companies getting its feet wet in the DeFi and Fintech arenas. As we’ve discussed, recent initiatives include spinning off tech incubators like SEATech Ventures Corp. (OTC:SEAV) and investing directly into digital asset exchanges.

Last month the company took stakes in two projects, Link Capital and Samothracec International (ATM Online). Where the NFT play comes to light is GreenPro’s previous purchase of thousands of NFTs earlier this year. These were Sputnik satellite-themed tokens that put the company directing into the digital art arena. 

Also helping boost momentum in the stock market today is the company’s newest headline. GreenProannounced that one of its incubator companies, Angkasa-X, filed for an application to launch its Low Earth Orbit satellites. Its membership as an ITU-R member also means it’s part of an agency tied to the United Nations, specializing in space telecommunications.

Salem Media Group Inc. (NASDAQ:SALM)

You can’t have a list of “Trump stocks” without mentioning Salem Media. The conservative outlet has long been a close sympathy trade during the former President’s time in office. According to the company’s website, it boasts 11 million radio listeners, 153 million monthly web and app sessions, and a database of 40 million active email addresses. Its two leading brands include Salem Christian Media and Salem Conservative Media.

The tie-in to the Trump name is a bit clearer than other names on this list of penny stocks. One of Salem’s former network hosts, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, was appointed to President Trump’s National Security Education Board. With this has come plenty of bullishness, thanks to the move that DWAC stock has made.

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